Hello Delhi Students!

@lendahandindia is gearing up for a special #jobfair tomorrow just for you!!

Register and Join Us at the #bootcamp scheduled in Delhi today to sharpen your interview skills and ace it in the job fair tomorrow.

Save the Dates:

*16th February – Boot camp*
*17th February – Job Fair*

*Location:* Royal Occasion Banquet Hall, Rohini Sector 8. near Rohini East Metro Station. Pillar No. 393-394

*Map Link:* https://lnkd.in/d6FxPRPX

*The location is the same for both days.* See you there!

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Like many of us have you been eagerly awaiting our #conversationwithintern episode this month?

Wait no longer because we have our #intern Nisha Prajapati joining us from Gujarat today to share her #internship experience and learnings of her journey with us.

Join Us at 5pm today on https://lnkd.in/dsEaNAnC for what promises to be an insightful and inspiring interaction. See you there!

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Have you ever walked an unknown path and reached a destination you always really wanted?

Jikesh Bhosale’s story is a testament to this.

Jikesh is our #alumnispotlight student from Pune. When he was in Grade 9, he enrolled for the #retailcourse offered at his school and went on to specialize in the course, during Grade 11. He enjoyed studying retail so much that he decided to pursue an #internship in this field.

Jikesh began his internship at a local grocery store in Grade 12. Working here provided him with key #lifeskills and customer relation skills. This experience determined Jikesh to further hone his skills and keep improving.

During the Covid- 19 lockdown, he started working part time at a bookstore in Phoenix Mall and helped with sales and inventory management. His next part time stint was with Dmart, where he worked at the billing counter for four months.

These on-the-job experiences and especially working at the billing counter, sparked Jikesh’s interest in wanting to understand money management. This is when he decided to pursue his #higherstudies. Jikesh is currently pursuing his undergraduate in Economics.

He also has another passion, which is to perform. Initially he would feel underconfident but the internship and work experience, helped him to overcome his inhibitions. Speaking to strangers, interacting with customers on a daily basis allowed Jikesh to move out of his comfort zone and build on his #confidence. Now in his free time, he performs in street plays and does not shy away from large audiences.

Jikesh believes that the #handsonexperiences he gained, starting from the internship to working part-time has helped him to understand himself better and shape his personality. It is through such experiences that we can discover our true passion and carve out our future.

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When was the last time you changed a bulb or fixed the kitchen mixer and grinder at home on your own?

Come and experience the #Repair Cafe at @LendAHandIndia's #karigarschoolofappliedlearningcenter and get #skilled

After this experience you would agree when we say that the feeling of fixing something on our own is truly something else.

So next time in Pune, please do stop by and share your visit experience with us!

#learningbydoing #lifeskills

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A Live Interaction with our Intern Saloni from Uttarakhand! You do not want to miss this one! Tune in @5pm today ! https://youtu.be/mkHUXx3LM-g

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Have Your Aspirations Ever Come True? Our Intern of the Week, Divya, shows us how dreams can be turned into reality!


Divya Sharma,
Grade 11

Divya Sharma is a young student from Government girls’ senior secondary high school in New Kondli, Delhi.

While growing up, she liked to watch movies and travel shows. It would take her into another world. Divya wanted to visit places, travel and meet people. From the time she became a teenager, she had a dream to work in a hotel. It fascinated her!

When Divya got the opportunity to pursue travel and tourism as a #vocationalsubject in school, she grabbed the opportunity.

During the vocational course, she also decided to pursue an #internship. Divya got placed with Red Fox Hotel as an #intern and she felt over the moon!

For a month, she worked six hours a day at the hotel. She performed the role of a housekeeper, room manager and learnt the tricks of working in the #hospitalitysector.

The internship experience taught Divya that the hospitality industry is not all glamour but requires a lot of hard work. She developed #communicationskills and how to interact with customers politely. She learnt how to be formally presentable, be warm and considerate, while being assertive. She learnt how to interact and work in a team.

Divya felt a sense of accomplishment when she converted the guest rooms of the hotel into a welcoming and comfortable space for the guests. The Manager of the Hotel too appreciated Divya’s commitment and efforts.

After completing her internship, Divya feels closer to the life she imagines for herself in the future. She now feels confident to kick start her career in the hospitality industry.

We would love to hear your story of your dream turning into reality in the comments section below.

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From Finance to Funance! These Educators Made It Happen!

Under @lendahandindia's innovative project in partnership with the Delhi Board of School Education- #schoolsofspecialisedexcellence, Eight #skilleducators with diverse backgrounds and expertise in #financeandaccounting were brought on board.

With very little handholding, they quickly adjusted to a new ecosystem and paved their way to provide quality education to our students.

In a span of only a few days, we could witness a strong connection between these educators and the students. They truly were the people who put the fun in finance! They worked closely with @lendahandindia core #SoSE team, unlearning, learning and relearning how to engage with students. They struggled, failed and finally succeeded!

This is the team which said yes! Yes, to new challenges, to collaboration, to create change! They were co-explorers in the classrooms along with students. They heard them, guided them, and created a safe learning environment.
This is a small appreciation post for our highly committed educators who have given their best to the students. This team of Eight stands for excellence!

#highend21stcenturyskills #schoolsofspecialisedexcellence #financeandaccounting #dbse

Radhika Dua, Radhika Singhal, Manan Dua, Geetika Hasija, Manju Gupta, Vibhav Joshi, Deepanshu Nagpal and Anees !

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Have you been tuning in to our interactions with our inspiring #Interns?

Do join us today to hear Sheldon Susai, our intern from Pune, Maharashtra share learnings from his #internship experience.

Streaming Live on LendAHandIndia Youtube channel at 5pm today!

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Let’s Hear it from the Employers!

We have been hearing about #Internship and the experience of the #worldofwork from our students.

This time, @lendahandindia met with a few employers to get their perspective.

18, Grade 11 students are interning with 13 small and medium enterprises in Shirwal, Maharashtra. We caught up with the owners of Nandini collection and Dipali collection, clothes shops in Shirwal where two of students have been interning.

Click on the video below, to hear these two employers share their take on internship.

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Have you Met our Alumni Yet?

Meet Omkar Tukaram Chavan! He was a student at Yashwant Rao Vidyalaya, Pune. It is here that he first came across the term #Retail. The retail lab set up in his school with all the tools and equipment fascinated him. Omkar studied the retail course in depth for four years.

After completing Grade 12, Omkar decided that he wanted to work in the Retail sector. Seeing his interest and knowledge about this sector, his parents too accepted his decision.

Omkar initially took up part time jobs and gained work experience. Soon, he got a breakthrough and now works at Sports Station in a reputed mall in Pune.

With this job, Omkar is able to earn and provide for his family. He is also able to pursue his higher studies. Acquiring this job has been a big step for his career.

Omkar shares that pursuing a #vocationaleducationcourse has given him confidence, self-belief and financial independence.

In the future, he plans to run his own shop. Learning these skills has given Omkar the courage to face any obstacle that life throws at him.

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Have you been following our #internoftheweek posts and feeling #inspired?

On the occasion of Children’s Day, @lendahandindia brings to you our new series #conversationwithintern!

Now you also get to hear students share their internship experiences first hand!

Join us to hear Rupali, our very first intern from this series, share her journey of learning and success.

Streaming Live on LendAHandIndia Youtube channel at 5pm today!

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One of the best places to develop Customer Relation skills is by working at a Grocery Store!


Bhakti Chavan
Grade 11
Dnyansamvardhini Vidyalaya
Shirwal, Maharashtra

Bhakti, a grade 11 student from Dnyansamvardhini Vidyalaya in Shirwal, Maharashtra, aspires to join the banking sector. She has consciously chosen commerce stream in school to be able to follow her chosen career path.

Bhakti is an academically good student. However, she lacked confidence. Coming from a family, where she was rarely allowed to step out of the house, she would feel nervous when interacting with strangers. Bhakti knew that for a career in banking, she would have to build on her communication skills.

When she learnt about the #internship program, Bhakti decided to use it as an opportunity and began looking for a front-end customer facing internship role to develop her skills. Bhakti got an internship at a nearby ‘Kirana store’ (Grocery store) and grabbed the position.

Working at the grocery store, she has developed communication skills and negotiation skills. She is able to manage multiple customers at a time. Bhakti values the exposure she is getting here and is ready to continue interning here even after she completes 80 hours. Once she completes her studies, she feels confident about starting a career in banking.

Bhakti is a true go-getter, which makes her our intern of the week.

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Pursuing this #internship has been a guiding light for Nandini!


Nandini Saini
Grade 11
SS International School, Noida

Nandini has been a student of the #multiskillfoundationcourse. This year she decided to take up an internship. She was curious about the medical field and was thrilled when selected as an #intern with RN Hospital in Noida. Nandini interned here for two months.

She was able to apply her learnings from the multi skill foundation course at her internship site. At the hospital, Nandini would measure blood pressure, pulse rate and oxygen levels of patients. She learnt how to prepare medical reports, routine charts and give glucose to patients. Moreover, interacting with staff and patients gave her a lot of #confidence.

Nandini’s #experience of working as an intern at the hospital has given her the courage to set #goals and plan ahead. Nandini now feels determined and is working towards building her career in the healthcare sector.

#internoftheweek #intern #internship #projectswadheen #lendahandindia #careerplanning

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"Education is the Movement from Darkness to Light!" – Allan Bloom

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#Intern of the Week!

Alfiya Kiwade is a Grade 12 student at Bose School in Yerwada, Maharashtra. Her family is into retail business. It was understood that Alfiya too will follow suit. However, she had something different in mind.

Alfiya’s passion is machines and vehicles. She was keen to pursue automotive as a vocation. Her parents were concerned because they were of the general belief that this is a subject “more suited for boys”. Her mother was particularly worried about the working conditions and physical labor required to work at a garage.

Much to Alfiya’s mother’s surprise, the automotive class comprised mainly of female students and the vocational trainer too was a lady. This gave Alfiya and her mother the required comfort and confidence. It also helped to break the pre-conceived notions the family had towards the course.

Alfiya is currently #interning with a garage in Pune. There are only two girls employed there, including her. She has transformed from a timid teenager to a self-assured intern who enjoys working with various vehicles, opening up different machines, and interacting fearlessly with customers. After a long day, one would expect to see Alfiya tired and dull but on the contrary, we find her full of energy and eager to work more.

Alfiya has refused to conform to #stereotypes and has chosen to take a path less taken. That makes her our inspiration for the week. That makes her our #Intern of the week!

#lendahandindia #skilleducation #automotive #internship #internoftheweek

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Intern of The Week!

Vaishnavi Gaikwad, is a Grade 11 student from Pune, Maharashtra. She has been a student of the #multiskillfoundationcourse since Grade 9 and is specialising in Agriculture-Micro Irrigation Technology.

Vaishnavi has been pursuing her #internship with a private nursery in Pune. On weekends, she spends at least 8 hours a day at the nursery in an effort to gain #handsonknowledge and experience of the industry.

Vaishnavi shares “My exposure to this business, is helping me to ideate. It is equipping me with #skills and #confidence that will enable me to turn my idea of building my own nursery into a reality one day. At the nursery here, I observe the owner perform various tasks and I can envision myself playing the same role one day.”

#learningbydoing #exposure #internship #worldofwork #lendahandindia #multiskill #Internoftheweek

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Intern of the Week

Nisha Prajapati is a Grade 12, Healthcare sector student from Model School in Radhanpur, Gujarat. She has completed 80+ hours of internship at the Primary Heath Center (PHC) in Gotarka.

Despite her internship site being 5-6 km walk away from her home, Nisha made sure she did not miss a day of work.

Her experience at the PHC, tending to the needs of patients, learning the basics of the trade and gaining knowledge about medicines, was the highlight for her and has given her a lot of confidence. What stood out for Nisha during this experience, was the support she got from her parents.

It is not common for young girls from rural areas to travel long distances for work, but with her family’s support, Nisha has been able to break barriers and access opportunities towards a better tomorrow.

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Intern of The Week!

Om Jagatap, a Multi Skill technician (electrical) student in Grade 12, Rajiv Gandhi-E Learning Academy, Pune is pursuing his internship at a mobile repair shop. Here he has developed both technical and employability skills. Om has learnt how to manage customer relations and about workplace ethics.

Like Om, a few of his peers are also pursuing 80-hour internships at various shops ranging from electrical, e-waste management, dental laboratories and other trades.

The exposure gained through such internships is helping students like Om to chalk out their career paths and work towards a bright future.

#lendahandindia #internships #internoftheweek #employabilityskills #youthentreprenuership #youthemployability

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Intern of The Week

Deepak, a 17 year old boy from Mahatma Phule Madhyamik Vidyalaya, pursued an internship with Punit Electrical store in Pune, Maharashtra and completed over 100 hours on the job!

He shares: "My parents didn’t want me to go from house to house, repairing electrical tools. They felt that doing this internship would limit my dreams. Vocational Education is often seen as the inferior career path. Even people who are working in these vocations don’t want their children to join the same and instead push them to go for more respectable professions. The only way we can tackle this vision is by making people realize that every single job in this world requires some level of expertise and deserves respect.”

Deepak has summed up what Lend A Hand India strives for every day, which is to spread awareness and create a positive perception towards Skill Education in India.

#lendahandindia #internship #skilleducation #vocationaltraining #internoftheweek #handsonlearning

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The Future of India keeping Our Country's Flag Soaring High!

Lend A Hand India Wishes You A Very Happy 75th Independence Day!

#lendahandindia #skilleducation #75thindependenceday

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Project Pathways



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