“I think I need to repeat that”……

#bloopers #lendahandindia

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Meet more #skillmitras who are ambitious and inspiring 🇮🇳

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Watch our #skillmitras sharing their plan for our nation. 🇮🇳

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This is the follow up to our #mondaymotivation teaser. We didn’t expect to see so many #lendahandindia values repeated from our team mates. Look at what they have to say about the two questions we asked. Let us know how did you celebrate Independence Day and how do you lend a hand to India? 😊

#independenceday #india #value #empowerment #skills #tuesday

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Get #mondaymotivation from the #LahiTeam 😊
Guess what they're talking about and mention in the comments 👇
#motivationmonday #lahi #LendaHandtoIndia #monday #empowerment #skills #india #independenceday #youth

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Their Journey of Learning is as Unique as their Talent!

Meet these extraordinary girls from Dantoo village, Jharkhand, who are redefining the realm of #vocationaleducation!

They have been learning the #skill of bulb manufacturing under the guidance of their amazing vocational trainer- Mr. Animesh Chandra. These girls- Usha, Aparna, Puja, Priti, Deepika, and Rani had Electronics as their specialization in grades 11 and 12th.

They did their #internship at the Bokaro Lamp industry, where they first-hand experienced bulb-manufacturing.

Post their internship, these talented girls secured an order from Jaipur, and guess what? They aced it!

They have been working as a collective in their village and have repaired 2000+ bulbs till now, at a very minimal cost and with a guarantee of a year. Their dedication and skills have been recognized on several platforms like INSEF National Science Fair, Jawaharlal Nehru District Science Fair, and state-level competitions.

Now part of our #skillmitra Cohort-4, these power girls have truly created a name for themselves for their innovative and #entrepreneurial spirit. They're shining examples of how vocational education can transform lives.

Let's come together to celebrate and support these young #changemakers as they illuminate their path with passion and talent. Join us in cheering for these bright stars and be a part of their incredible success story!
#IamAStudentIntern #SkillHaiTohKalHai #Internship #Skills #India #VocationalEducation #lendahandindia #breakinggenderbarriers

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We Need More Employers Like Pratik!

Pratik Bohra, a proud employer who has actively participated in the #internship program at his Grocery venture, shared his insights on the remarkable growth he has witnessed among the participating student interns.

"As an engineer by education and with experience working at Infosys, I always valued my #entrepreneurialskills. Eventually, I decided to start my own grocery venture. When a #vocationaltrainer from a nearby school approached me to provide #internships for their students, I was thrilled to offer them a #handsonlearning experience.”

"Working alongside my dedicated staff, these student #interns became an integral part of our team. They provided valuable assistance, acting as extra hands to support our operations. It has been truly gratifying to witness their growth in #communicationskills, #confidence levels and witness their innovative ideas that have helped us better serve our customers."

“I hope that all small businesses or employers recognize the significance of internships and actively support young and innovative minds to foster their own ventures. After all, these young students represent the future of a skilled India."

#IamAStudentIntern #SkillHaiTohKalHai #Internship #Skills #India #VocationalEducation #lendahandindia #youthemployability #entreprenuership #youthempowerment

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When was your first #internship?

#Internships have been an incredible learning journey for team members at @lendahandindia. From building #confidence or #coordinationskills to preparing us for #worklife or developing our #communicationskills, #internships have been an experience.

Now, we want to hear from you!

Share your unforgettable first internship stories and the valuable lessons you picked up along the way. Whether it was a #confidence boost, an opportunity to network, or acquire new #skills, we want to know! Let's celebrate the power of internships together.

If you haven't done your first internship yet, then this is your sign to do one now!

#IamAStudentIntern #SkillHaiTohKalHai #Internship #Skills #India #VocationalEducation #lendahandindia

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Ending the week with #internship stories that keep us going!

Meet Shubhika! A young student pursuing #financeandaccounting from a #schoolofspecializedexcellence in Delhi.

She shares her truly inspiring internship experience with us:

"The field of finance has always held a captivating allure for me, whether it's taxes or budgets. When I embarked on my internship journey at Vivek Tiwari & Co., a CA firm, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals. Among my primary responsibilities was completing Form 16 for Income Tax Returns, which initially seemed unfamiliar. However, as each day passed, I witnessed a remarkable improvement in my technical skills, accompanied by a soaring boost in my #confidence. I also honed my #timemanagement abilities, becoming more adept at organizing my tasks effectively.

Being an #intern at a CA firm has propelled me closer to my lifelong aspiration of becoming a CA myself. Having a clear career direction is of paramount significance to me, and my time at the firm has unquestionably provided the much-needed clarity I sought in aligning my #careergoals and aspirations."

#IamAStudentIntern #SkillHaiTohKalHai #Internship #Skills #India #VocationalEducation #lendahandindia

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In Munirka, Pappu ji, the owner of Laxmi General Store, opened his doors to six students as interns. Dividing them into groups, he allowed them to explore different aspects of store management. They not only learned customer service but also gained insights into financial management, understanding the importance of profitability and revenue.

Among the interns was Salman, who had a burning desire to start his own venture. Working alongside Pappu ji brought clarity to his aspirations and ignited his passion further. Pappu ji, pleasantly surprised by the impact he made, is now determined to continue supporting the youth through internships. He aims to share his startup knowledge and contribute to their growth.

Pappu ji's humble grocery store became a platform for learning, mentorship, and fostering dreams. His story serves as an inspiration, showcasing the transformative power of guidance and belief. Through his efforts, he not only made a difference in the lives of Salman and the other interns but also paved the way for a brighter future for the community.

#IamAStudentIntern #SkillHaiTohKalHai #Internship #Skills #India #VocationalEducation #lendahandindia

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Ever wondered what quality internships look like? Our skill mitras are here to help you.
Here are some key characteristics of quality internships:

1. Minimum of 80+ hours of internship experience: This duration is necessary to fully immerse yourself in the work and apply what you have learned in the classroom to real-world situations.

2. Consent form signed by parents: It is essential to ensure safety and maintain effective communication with your parents or guardians. Having their consent shows that they are aware of your participation and can be involved in your internship experience.

3. Following all safety guidelines: It is important to prioritize your well-being and work in a safe environment. Adhering to safety guidelines ensures that you are protected from potential threats or hazards during your internship.

4. Most importantly, enjoy your time while learning and growing: While internships are meant for gaining practical skills and experience, it's equally important to enjoy the process. Embrace the opportunity to learn, grow, and make meaningful connections in the field you're interested in.

#IamAStudentIntern #SkillHaiTohKalHai #Internship #Skills #India #VocationalEducation #lendahandindia

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#IamAStudentIntern campaign proudly introduces you to Salman, an inspiring #intern from Delhi! Salman is in 12th grade and is currently interning at Laxmi General store.

While growing up, Salman found the world of business interesting. The idea of starting his own store is something he dreams about. He even chose #retail as his major subject in school.

To gain further #handsonexperience, he approached Pappu ji, the owner of Laxmi General Store near his locality, and decided to intern with him.

Throughout his #internship, Salman has gained valuable experience in various aspects of store management, including customer service, account maintenance, and profit calculations.

Initially, Salman felt somewhat apprehensive about interacting with customers due to his reserved nature.
However, as time went on, he gradually built his #confidence and has developed excellent customer relations and #communicationskills.

Going forward, Salman aspires to establish his own venture. He recognizes that his acquired accounting and management proficiencies will play a pivotal role in bringing him closer to achieving his ambitions. Now, he also encourages his classmates to do the same, and they also intern like him.

#IamAStudentIntern #SkillHaiTohKalHai #Internship #Skills #India #VocationalEducation #lendahandindia #youthemployabability #youthempowerment

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Are you still wondering whether to pursue an internship or not?

Here are Top 3 reasons to do an internship while you are studying in 11th or 12th grade. Hear it directly from our #skillmitra #interns who have put together this reel just for you!

#IamAStudentIntern #SkillHaiTohKalHai #internships #Skills #India #VocationalEducation #lendahandindia

@diu_3721 @neha_k.30.7 @_tiru_21

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In 2016, a small group of students embarked on an extraordinary journey called project internships. Today, it has transformed the lives of thousands.

Join the #IamAStudentIntern campaign to empower young minds through internships.

Our education system must prioritize on-job training and internships to equip students with essential 21st-century skills and enable them to make informed career choices to thrive in the modern world.

Share your internship stories, thoughts, and experiences. Let's shape the future together!

Together, let's unlock the potential of young minds. Join the movement now!

#SkillHaiTohKalHai #Internship #Skills #India #VocationalEducation #lendahandindia

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Khushi, our #alumni, was a regular high school student. What made her stand out others was her quest for #appliedknowledge. As someone who rarely received answers to her questions, Khushi, was thrilled when she first walked into the electrical lab in school. Here she witnessed theories being applied in real time. She knew she had discovered a subject where she would gain a lot from.

While Khushi was pleased with her decision to study electrical, her family was not. #Vocationalsubjects are a less-trodden path. A course in electrical isn't exactly a popular choice among parents, particularly for girls. It was a choice that raised eyebrows, invited skepticism.

Khushi, however, made the conscious decision to follow her intuition and studied #electrical with utmost dedication. When she got to know about #internships, she knew it would be her chance to delve into the world of electrical gadgets. Khushi had gained an understanding of circuits and wiring during her course. It was at her workplace that she first heard about software. While she loved working with hardware, she was intrigued to learn more about software. “What is software development?”, “How to program a software?” – Khushi started asking these questions to her #vocationaltrainer.

Seeing her interest and dedication, Khushi's vocational training teacher introduced her to one-year program on software development at #NavGurukul. The pathways team at @lendahandindia supported and provided guidance during the admission process. Multiple tests and interviews later, Khushi got admitted to #NavGurukul. And so, armed with confidence and a support system that believed in her, Khushi has embarked on a path that would forever shape her future.

Khushi says,”Just like I traced the path of an electrical current to identify and fix issues, I apply a similar mindset in debugging and troubleshooting code.”

With her eyes fixed on the horizon, Khushi knows that her future has never been brighter and more hopeful. In a world where conventional paths usually dictate the course of one's life choices, Khushi is a beacon of inspiration and resilience.

#youthemployability #informedcareerchoices

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Are You Passionate About What You Do?

Meet our #internoftheweek, Bhagyashree Shivraj, a grade 11 student from Pune.

She got exposed to the world of manufacturing, production, and selling from an early age. Her mother being a tailor and with local small-scale shops all around her, Bhagyashree says her love for #retail as a subject came very naturally to her.

In grade 11, when she attended an orientation session on #Internship, she felt she found an opportunity that she had been waiting for- a chance to put her skills and knowledge to test. In alignment with her interest and what she felt comfortable pursuing, Bhagyashree chose to #intern at a clothing and fabric shop.

Bhagyashree’s employer, Mr. Sunil, says that her dedication shines through every day at work. He speaks highly of her inquisitive nature and eagerness to learn about every aspect of the business. He shares how Bhagyashree has gone out of her way multiple times to help customers in need by finding matching fabrics for their ruined clothes and connecting them with local tailors.

With such qualities and remarkable work ethics at such a young age, there’s no doubt that Bhagyashree will make an excellent businesswoman in the future. We can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next!

#youthempowerment #youthentreprenuership #lendahandindia #youthemployability #informedcareerchoices

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@lendahandindia is gearing up for Skills and Repair Mela and we are back with more information about the event!

Do remember to sign up for the live workshops and register on the link to repair your utilities: https://lnkd.in/dGjGCUhV.

See you on the 27th of May 2023 at Kargiar-School of Applied Learning in Pune!

#learningbydoing #handsonlearning #karigarschoolofappliedlearning #skillsandrepairmela #skilleducation #lifeskills

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Hello Folks!

@lendahandindia is excited to present to you our one-of-a-kind event, ‘Skills & Repair Mela’ on the 27th of May 2023 at our Karigar- School of Applied Learning in Pune!

Along with learning how to and actually repairing your broken utilities, you will get to attend a lot of fun workshops, shop handmade products and eat to your heart’s content. Whether you are 5 years old, or 70 years young, the #Mela will have something for everyone.

So, ransack your cupboards, dig out those out of use or broken utilities and get ready to experience a fun-filled evening!

To register for the event, please fill out the registration form: https://lnkd.in/dGjGCUhV

See you there!

#learningbydoing #appliedlearning #karigarschoolofappliedlearning #pune

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Every Opportunity Counts!

Our #internoftheweek is Ngulila C Sangtam. She is from Kohima, Nagaland. When she moved to Government Higher Secondary school in Grade 11 from her old school, she got an opportunity to pursue #vocationaleducation.

This school provides elective courses in subjects such as electronics, tourism and hospitality. Ngulila was thrilled when she learnt her school offers these "non boring" subjects.

While many of her friends selected tourism and hospitality, she was keen to learn about current flow and electronic connections. Ngulila chose the electronics and hardware course.

She found it fascinating to delve into splicing wires and house earthing. She was excited when her #vocationaltrainer, Temjen Jamir told her students will be doing an internship to gain hands-on job experience.

With the support of her trainer, Ngulila began scouting for opportunities but could not locate anything related to electronics in her area.

Disappointed but eager not to give up and determined to complete her internship, Ngulila, took up an internship at a cosmetic shop. She was the only employee other than the owner. Initially she found it boring to work alone in a completely new industry.

However, as her workload increased, she began enjoying it. Soon she developed many skills such as customer relations, billing, managing the inventory and more. Her communication skills developed, and her world opened up.

Ngulila is now in 12th grade. The skills she learnt through her vocational course and internship will help her in her future and enable her to make informed career choices.

"Internship made me a better student and a better person." – Ngulila

#youthemployment #youthentreprenuership #livelihood #careeraspirations #onjobtraining

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Traditional hand work practices to modern tools and machine, stone age to automation, presenting to you, #Summerskillcamp2023!

“I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.”-Winston Churchill

Everyone may not like being taught, but they do enjoy #learningbydoing! #Summerskillcamp2023 at Karigar-School of Applied Learning by @lendahandindia, thus aimed at less of theory and more of #appliedlearning. This camp meant for the age group 13- to 16-year-olds was scheduled from 10th to 14th April 2023.

During the five days of the camp, children were introduced to a range of #skills. They enjoyed making vegetable beds, planting seeds of coriander, methi and palak in the #gardening lab.

They made wooden bullock carts in the #engineering lab. Children had never seen a Lathe machine and were fascinated by how it worked. They used it to make the wheels of a cart.

They experienced #woodwork and #metalwork for making a solar cooker as part of #electrical lab activity. They learnt the role of accurate measurement and the importance of detail while making the solar cooker.

In the #foodlab, the children experienced different processing techniques – they steamed raw mangoes to make ‘panna’ a traditional mango drink. They made mango barfi by cooking mango with coconut and sugar, and they baked mango cupcakes. They worked with their hands and used handheld tools as well as motorized tools such as a blender and dough maker and thereby experienced working both with hands and machines.

These children go home having learnt #multiskills and take back with them memories for a lifetime!

To know about more of our upcoming events at Karigar- School of Applied Learning, reach out to Sachin Khodade- +91-8956022752

Here is a glimpse of Summer Skill Camp 2023!

#multiskillfoundationcourse #lifeskills #handsonlearning #karigarschoolofappliedlearning

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"No bird soars too high if she soars with her own wings." …William Blake

This beautiful quote reminds us that when we have the courage to take flight and pursue our dreams, there's no limit to what we can achieve!


Shama Praveen, our #intern of the week, embodies this spirit of self-belief and determination.

Shama is a regular grade-11 student studying in Delhi, with extraordinary dreams of making a difference in the world. She had always lived a sheltered life, barely stepping out of her house and school.

Shama got an opportunity to pursue #retail #vocationaltraining course in school and she really enjoyed it. It made her more aware of the world outside and helped her to build on her own #communicationskills and #confidence.

Shama went ahead to pursue an #internship at The Grocery SuperMart in Dwarka Mor, Delhi. It was her chance to break free from her comfort zone and acquire new skills in the real world. The challenges she faced at the beginning of her internship overwhelmed her. She struggled to keep up with the demands of customers, and her confidence went downhill. For a brief moment, she questioned if she’s actually cut out for this.

But Shama refused to give up hope. She took ownership of her tasks and worked hard to improve her skills. Slowly but surely, she began to see progress. Her hard work paid off when she achieved the sales target set by the management of SuperMart. She proudly calls it her biggest achievement till now.

An internship may seem daunting and at a young age venturing into the real world can be intimidating. However, to soar, there are times when we have to leave our comfort zone. In a world where fear and doubt can easily creep in, Shama’s story is a reminder that with hard work, determination and hope we are all capable of achieving great heights!

#lendahandindia #youthempowerment #livelihood #youth #careerpathways

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How many of us are being able to apply what we learnt in school in our daily life?

Ayush Owhal, is a grade 9 student from Hutatma Balveer Shirishkumar Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Pune. He underwent the #multiskillfoundation course as a part of #ProjectSwadheen implemented by @lendahandindia

This course has given him
foundational level exposure to #multipleskills in #genderagnostic manner. These skills range from food processing, gardening, healthcare, welding, electric wiring and carpentry.

During the course, Ayush took a keen interest in gardening. He enjoyed #handsonlearning and was able to grasp concepts well. For his practical assessment, he presented a project on hydroponic plantation with confidence. His passion for the subject shined through. His trainer, Harshal Shelar, encouraged him and noticed Ayush’s interest in agriculture.

Home visits being a crucial element of project Swadheen, provided an opportunity to visit Ayush at home. We are proud to see the little kitchen garden that Ayush has created within a small space. He has planted different vegetables and fruits including strawberry, cabbage and more. He has researched on best practices and techniques for the produce to grow and he is maintaining it well.

Ayush is proud of his little creation. He has been able to apply what he learnt in the multi skill foundation course.

The skills he has gained here are #lifeskills that are helping him every day!

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"I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday.” ……… Eleanor Roosevelt

#alumnispotlight introduces Pragati, our #alumni student from Akola, Maharashtra, who imbibes this.

Pragati is the youngest child to her parents, and they have always been very supportive of her decisions. This has encouraged her to not only dream but also follow her dreams through.

Pragati was initially reserved and would shy away from interacting with others. While studying, she pursued a #vocationalcourse in #retail and even did an #internship in it. This experience helped her learn how to interact with customers which boosted her self-esteem.

During the retail course, through @lendahandindia, Pragati learnt about the one-year software engineering residential course at @navgurukul_foundation

Coming from a space where there is little exposure to technology and having never lived away from home, Pragati felt underconfident about getting admission into the program. Her vocational trainer encouraged her a lot and prepared her for the admission process. Seeing her peers learn and aspire just like her, motivated her to work hard and she was able to clear the interview process.

Pragati is in the program and is enjoying being exposed to the world of technology and coding. She has developed her #communicationskills and is able to share her story with #confidence.

Pragati never imagined that she would reach here but is grateful for the opportunities and choices she has made. She is the first girl in her family who has stepped out for #highereducation which makes her parents proud. They along with us wish to see her reach new heights from here on.

#alumnistories #youthemployability #youthempowerment #careerawareness

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Hello Delhi Students!

@lendahandindia is gearing up for a special #jobfair tomorrow just for you!!

Register and Join Us at the #bootcamp scheduled in Delhi today to sharpen your interview skills and ace it in the job fair tomorrow.

Save the Dates:

*16th February – Boot camp*
*17th February – Job Fair*

*Location:* Royal Occasion Banquet Hall, Rohini Sector 8. near Rohini East Metro Station. Pillar No. 393-394

*Map Link:* https://lnkd.in/d6FxPRPX

*The location is the same for both days.* See you there!

#youthempowerment #youthemployment #careerguidance

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Like many of us have you been eagerly awaiting our #conversationwithintern episode this month?

Wait no longer because we have our #intern Nisha Prajapati joining us from Gujarat today to share her #internship experience and learnings of her journey with us.

Join Us at 5pm today on https://lnkd.in/dsEaNAnC for what promises to be an insightful and inspiring interaction. See you there!

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Have you ever walked an unknown path and reached a destination you always really wanted?

Jikesh Bhosale’s story is a testament to this.

Jikesh is our #alumnispotlight student from Pune. When he was in Grade 9, he enrolled for the #retailcourse offered at his school and went on to specialize in the course, during Grade 11. He enjoyed studying retail so much that he decided to pursue an #internship in this field.

Jikesh began his internship at a local grocery store in Grade 12. Working here provided him with key #lifeskills and customer relation skills. This experience determined Jikesh to further hone his skills and keep improving.

During the Covid- 19 lockdown, he started working part time at a bookstore in Phoenix Mall and helped with sales and inventory management. His next part time stint was with Dmart, where he worked at the billing counter for four months.

These on-the-job experiences and especially working at the billing counter, sparked Jikesh’s interest in wanting to understand money management. This is when he decided to pursue his #higherstudies. Jikesh is currently pursuing his undergraduate in Economics.

He also has another passion, which is to perform. Initially he would feel underconfident but the internship and work experience, helped him to overcome his inhibitions. Speaking to strangers, interacting with customers on a daily basis allowed Jikesh to move out of his comfort zone and build on his #confidence. Now in his free time, he performs in street plays and does not shy away from large audiences.

Jikesh believes that the #handsonexperiences he gained, starting from the internship to working part-time has helped him to understand himself better and shape his personality. It is through such experiences that we can discover our true passion and carve out our future.

#lendahandindia #youthemployment #youthentreprenuership

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When was the last time you changed a bulb or fixed the kitchen mixer and grinder at home on your own?

Come and experience the #Repair Cafe at @LendAHandIndia's #karigarschoolofappliedlearningcenter and get #skilled

After this experience you would agree when we say that the feeling of fixing something on our own is truly something else.

So next time in Pune, please do stop by and share your visit experience with us!

#learningbydoing #lifeskills

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